Create an Experience for Generation Z in Your Office

Transitioning a new demographic of employees to your office, such as a new generation, can be exciting while also difficult. There has always been a rift from generation to generation – each one seeing themselves as the best and their predecessor or follower as less than – but in the grand scheme of things, that mentality is not effective. Instead, it is best to approach them with excitement, pass along knowledge, but also be willing to accept new insights they provide.

Pass along your knowledge

Building up new members of your team, whether they are your peers or your direct reports; will only help to make you shine or work more effectively. The first step in gaining their trust and interest in your wisdom is to build a strong relationship with them. Let them get to know you personally, before you try to mold them to an ideal peer or employee. And whatever you do, avoid micro-managing them.

Learn from their perspective

Sometimes the right way is the way we’ve been doing things all along. But sometimes it’s not, and it never hurts to hear someone out. They could bring in a fresh idea that reinvigorates a campaign or a team, or sparks other ideas of how to better reach your end goals. The collaboration and respect you give them will be thoroughly appreciated, and more likely to be reciprocated.

Build their brand loyalty

Hopefully any and every employee hired comes in excited and committed to the organization and its goals. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it creates a more powerful team. Start new members off on the pro your-brand foot with your positive attitude about the team, your (and their) day-to-day, where the organization is going, and finally, with fun promotional products. But consider your recipients before you create a kit of promo items for them.

  • Access our Pinterest board for ideas perfect for the Gen Z-ers in your office. (And you might find items for the other generations too)
  • Learn more about this demographic before you even start interviewing them
  • Check out the infographic below, featuring trends and looks they prefer, for more ideas

generation z product ideas with school themed items

Share these tips with your team

Leading by example is always a great way to encourage others, but be sure to share this and other helpful info on the new demographic with your team members. Not only will it make the transition easier for them, but it will ensure that any steps you take to bridge a possible divide are successful and supported by others in your office.