What’s the best way to serve fresh craft beer at home?

Many craft beer lovers would say a growler.

The classic growler is a 64-ounce brown glass jug. They also come in clear glass and even stainless steel. Smaller growlers, sometimes called squealers or howlers, and even an aluminum can version known as a crowler, have also made their way into the craft beer scene.

At this moment in history, the United States has more breweries than ever before, with an average of two opening each day across the country. Virtually all of them offer some style of growler to their customers.

Logoed growlers can typically be purchased at taprooms and brewpubs either empty or full of beer to take home. Customers may also bring the growlers back for refills. Homebrewers even fill the growlers with their own beer.

Because they contain several servings, growlers are great for sharing a special brew with friends.

These fun and functional vessels are also apt to gain a place of prominence in the home of the buyers, even when not in use. Logoed growlers purchased from a favorite or far-off brewery can be like souvenirs, displayed in a home bar area or man cave.

Growlers are definitely good for more than just drinking, too.

At the launch party for Perfect Pour Magazine, a new publication focused on craft beer in the Midwest, growlers were not only used for serving beers, they were also incorporated into the party décor.

Logoed growlers from various breweries represented in the magazine were used as growler-vase centerpieces on tables throughout the room. Erin Miles, a writer for Perfect Pour, chose native plants and grasses for the displays.

Crafty types may also be interested in making a DIY growler lamp or mosquito-repelling tiki torch.

What do growlers mean for your business?

In many states, beer drinkers can take any growler to any taproom for a refill. That makes growlers a fun promotional option for any business that also serves the craft beer market.

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