Every interaction with your brand needs to support your overall marketing strategy.

Keep these things in mind when choosing your tradeshow giveaway:

  • Your budget – In the past, I’ve always purchased and brought three levels of tradeshow giveaways to my trade show booths. I had the inexpensive “every person” giveaway which was usually something under $1. Then I had the mid-level “potential client yet still suspicious of the numbers they were throwing around level,“ which was around $3-5. Then I had the top level giveaways. At some shows, these are the top prizes given away for winning an in-booth game, while other times, they were items I held behind the curtain for the best customers. These items ranged from $20-80 each.
  • Cool factor – Always try to get the coolest thing. At Staples Promotional Products, we track the trends for you, so a quick visit to our website will yield the latest and greatest. Have you ever seen folks crashing a booth for a pen? Nope. A hat? Sometimes. A tee? Almost always. A chrome cup that keeps ice for two days? Every. Time. If you have the budget, go with the ultimate cool. If not, roll back the cool, but make sure it remains a factor!
  • Shipping and Timing – This is always a line item for tradeshows. Between the product shipping, drayage and weight factors, making sure the item delivers on-time is not negotiable. At StaplesPromotionalProducts.com you can see your actual shipping cost and expected delivery date at checkout. You will also have the shipping weight information so estimating drayage when shipping direct to the show will provide you with an accurate cost.

Once you know these three things, you can work with us to determine the right promotional product to ensure brand integration.