Mar 2017

Global Branding

Global Branding Requires Detailed Support

When ordering  branded merchandise for global customers, there are a lot of considerations to be made. These include logistical questions such as, what is the budget to produce and transport, what is the timeline from start to finish of items, how to ensure the production is compliant with the global location (e.g., materials, chemicals, testing, processes, etc.). There are also marketing questions like, matching PMS colors to the brand, ensuring the messaging clearly translates to the audience, what promotions will be needed to make the campaign successful.

This assumes there won’t be delays with customs and importing into the countries. But oftentimes, the above due diligence doesn’t mitigate all of the challenges and opportunities are lost or delayed.

Managing All Angles

We offer a solution that helps bypass the challenges; the Global Identity Network. This network offers contractual support to customers who are looking to support their current global teams or want to strike out into a new global market. It can:

  • Paint the picture of global supply chain in simple terms
  • Explain what it takes to fulfill on a global scale
  • Help you evaluate each project to determine whether it’s a better fit for export vs. local sourcing
  • Manage the vetting process to identify the right partner in each country/region for you
  • Provide extensive on-boarding training to all partners, as well as the brand guideline training
  • Handle complex projects that require central design, central sourcing and local deliveries to each market

Global-ID.com Can Work for You

The Global Identity Network offers global reach with a local touch, for consistent branding, appropriate product selection, effective promotion, and events support around the world that aligns with your marketing objectives.To learn more about how the Global Identity Network can benefit your organization, visit Global-ID.com.

Our Global Account Managers work with our supplier partners around the world to craft a locally executed branded merchandise solution that meets your global marketing objectives while addressing local market needs. Our model allows your team to communicate with a select  group of key contacts while benefiting from the extensive support and expertise of Staples Promotional Products and our network of suppliers around the world. These key contacts will help you every step of the way in the design, production and management of your program.

Talk to your Staples representative today to learn more about how your brand can globalize with Global Identity Network.