Global capabilities for an interconnected world.

It’s a small world, and it’s getting smaller every day. Business that was once conducted in corner cafes now stretches to the far reaches of the planet. Globalization is here to stay, and it’s changing how things are done. To stay relevant in a global marketplace, you need a partner who understands the challenges of international business. Staples is a that partner. Here’s a look at our global capabilities.

Staples helps you navigate the global market.

To advance your company’s presence on an international level, you need someone with experience, resources and a well-developed network. Staples sets the standard for multi-national brand partnerships with a consultative approach and a commitment to finding the right solutions for our customers.

Unmatched expertise.

Staples gives you:

Consistent worldwide branding – As stewards of some of the world’s most iconic brands, we understand the importance of quality and consistency. Our proprietary digital asset management tool ensures your brand’s integrity is protected, even in the far-flung reaches of the planet.

Global fulfillment solutions – We understand the challenges and realities of business conducted on a global scale. We’re experts at coordination, management and execution.

International accountability and safety – Not every country adheres to the same social responsibility and safety standard. We carefully vet our partners to ensure they’re meeting the highest standards, protecting both workers, consumers and the planet.

Best-in-class suppliers – We have a huge network and can ensure consistently superior service anywhere in the world.

Cultural understating – From the outside, it can be difficult to navigate a foreign culture. Staples has the network on the ground to help you find on-trend solutions at lower costs, that will always send the right message, no matter where they are.

Our Global Account Managers work with our supplier partners around the world to craft a locally executed branded merchandise solution that meets your global marketing objectives while addressing local market needs. Our model allows your team to communicate with a select  group of key contacts while benefiting from the extensive support and expertise of Staples Promotional Products and our network of suppliers around the world. These key contacts will help you every step of the way in the design, production and management of your program.

Talk to your Staples representative today to learn more about how your brand can globalize with Global Identity Network.