It’s a new era on the golf course.

There was once a time when there were only two ways for a golfer to know how far he or she was from the green: find one of the course’s distance markers (usually every 50 yards) and try to reckon from there, or else ask one of the course’s resident club-carriers, a caddy.

The problem with either method is that they rely on estimation, which can lead to poor club selection. A small miscalculation can result in overshooting the green or splashing down in the bunker in front. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

Now you don’t have to. The Voice Caddie B1 GPS Watch will help you get up and down in fewer strokes by calculating exactly how far you are from the green. With more than 30,000 available courses, it’s the perfect tool for practically any course you can think of.

GPS distance finders are just one of the ways golf technology has changed the way game is played.

Have a hitch in your swing? A fade you just can’t shake? In the past the only way to work that out would’ve been hours on the practice range. No more. The TaylorMade® M1 Driver has a multi-material, ultra-thin, ultra-light crown that is customizable to your unique swing.

Its three-step head adjustment system of loft, front track and back track gives golfers a perfectly weighted club for their swing. That means a straighter shot, more ball speed and tour-level customization.

But it’s not just game enhancements that technology is adding to golf. The ViDi Gen 3 Action Camera is the perfect way to document your round. Lightweight and durable, this 1080p HD camera means no one will ever doubt your hole-in-one again.

If you’re a golfer who likes to listen to music on the course the Sweda Spy Beacon Speaker is perfect for you. Water- and dust-resistant, this Bluetooth speaker packs big sound in a compact package to help you get into a rhythm.

At its core, the game hasn’t changed much since its creation. It’s still swinging a crooked stick at a ball and trying to get into the hole in as few shots as possible. But golf technology has changed the approach. Whether that ends up shaving a few strokes off your game is up to you.

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