How to turn a bad meeting into a good opportunity.

You’ve just finished up a sales meeting and it didn’t go as well as you hoped. For whatever reason, your pitch just fell flat. Maybe you were having an off day. Maybe the client was distracted. Whatever happened, a sale seems unlikely. So now what? You can cut your losses and move on to the next lead. Or you can find a way to turn your misses into good sales opportunities.

Here’s our guide for reinvigorating sales relationships that have gotten off track:

Give the prospect some time to reconsider – If you strike out on a pitch and then come right back, you run the risk of irritating and annoying the prospect. Give them a little space, then touch base with them in a week or two. Maybe it wasn’t your pitch that fell flat, but the client had something else on his or her mind. Let them process you pitch and they may realize they need your offering after all.

Stay at the front of mind – Even while you’re giving the client time to marinate on your pitch, you want to stay on their mind.  If you didn’t give a leave-behind during your last meeting, send one now. Include a “thanks for meeting with me” note along with useful and memorable item like a multi-tool, portfolio or something related to your industry.  Make sure it’s branded with your logo so they think of you every time they use it.

Get back in front of them – When you fall down, it’s important to get back up. When enough time has gone by, get back with the prospect and take another swing at landing them. If the client is resistant to giving you more of their time, consider using a “gate crasher” to get another shot. Just make sure your included merchandise is something unique, memorable, and most of all, ties back to you.

It’s an unfortunate fact of selling that even the best salespeople whiff sometimes. But top performers know the importance of refusing to take no for an answer. Employ these strategies and you may find yourself facing more yeses in the future.