Promotional gifts and ideas for graduation.

Graduation is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. Whether you’re a career scholar finishing up your doctorate or a teenager donning the cap and gown for the first time, crossing the stage and receiving your diploma is a moment that will be remembered forever.

And that means it’s also a perfect opportunity for your brand. Here are some ideas to help the happy graduate celebrate and generate brand exposure at the same time.

Sponsor the post-graduation party – Lots of schools have after-graduation celebrations. Why not take part in the festivities by sponsoring them? You could provide pizza, gift bags or financial support. A banner with your logo will remind the former students that you contributed and leave a positive impression.

Give away t-shirts – People print up shirts for everything these days, but the ones that seem to get the most wear are the ones that celebrate achievements or events – 5ks, family reunions, and yes, graduations. At the very least you can be sure the grads will wear the shirt with pride until they head off the college in the fall.

Fund a scholarship – Even if your marketing budget isn’t huge, a $500 scholarship can make a big difference to someone taking their education to the next level. Plus, it will generate a huge amount of goodwill in the community, not just from the winners, but from everyone who applies.

Give a specialized gift – If you want to make a huge impact, consider giving graduation gifts that are tailored to the graduates. For examples, nursing school graduates will get a lot of usage out of a stethoscope emblazoned with your logo. Younger students graduating from elementary or middle school could always use a backpack.

Feed them – People always need to eat, so you really can’t go wrong with food in any situation. A box of candies or popcorn provides an easy and tasty snack that will really be appreciated, especially because it can be hard to find time to eat.

One thing is certain – whatever you choose, you’re rarely going to encounter people in better moods. That means it’s the perfect time to be generous and generate great brand impressions.