Greenery Promo Products Bring Renewal, Vitality and New Beginnings

Influenced by nature, Greenery is the Pantone® Color of the Year. This invigorating, lively and fresh color is just in time for the many shades of green that we see during spring. Often a color associated with new beginnings and vitality, Greenery is a refreshing color that reminds us to reconnect with nature, take a deep breath and explore the world around us.

Such an earthy, natural and neutral color offers loads of opportunity. The versatile shade can work well with a wide variety of colors and brands. Pair it with neutral colors, bright colors, metallic colors and so much more. It would even look great when combined with other trends right now, including denim, wood and linen.

Greenery and Your Brand

Are you looking for a fresh start? Look no further. Greenery can be easily used as a base color, or you could mix things up and use it as an accent. Even if your brand colors don’t include green, the color can be a great addition to spring/summer events, eco-conscious promotions, Earth Day activities and outdoor- or nature-themed campaigns.

Staples Promotional Products offers a wide range of products in the many different shades of Greenery. Keep in mind that your products don’t have to match the Greenery color exactly. Choosing a similar but slightly different shade of green will make your brand stand out among the crowd.

Greenery Promo Products

Need some green-colored promo ideas? Consider custom t-shirts, personalized hoodies or logoed mugs. Or perhaps some journals or water bottles are more your style. No matter what you decide, we’re sure that the Greenery color scheme will complement your brand, promotion or event.

Choosing trendy colors for your promotional products is sure to grab your target market’s attention, plus the liveliness of Greenery isn’t easy to overlook. It’s time for something new and fresh. It’s time for some Greenery!