No tricks, just treats. Halloween marketing ideas.

Night comes early. The bare skeletons of the trees rustle eerily in the night air. A cold wind howls through cracks in the windows. From somewhere in the distance, a scream echoes. It’s the scariest night of the year – it’s Halloween.

This year, while everyone is dressing up and heading out to a party or trick-or-treat, why not use the season to scare up some new business? Regardless of your budget, with a little effort, you can come up with a great Halloween-themed marketing plan to make this October the best one yet.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Run a Halloween-themed promotion – The tagline “Monster Savings” practically suggests itself. Theme out a deal and spread the word.
  2. Give out branded candy – include a business card and a logoed bag so everyone knows exactly where these sweet treats came from.
  3. Host a costume contest – Find a way to tie costumes back to your brand. For example, if you run a pet care business, encourage people to photograph their dog or cat in costume and tag you on social media. For the cost of one prize, you can get big engagement.
  4. Give out reusable trick-or-treat bags – Kids love Halloween because of the candy. Give them something to carry their haul in that also happens to bear your logo. Everyone who drops KitKats, Milky Ways or Jolly Ranchers will see it, giving you lots of exposure.
  5. Decorate your place of business – If you’re a retail business, your storefront is the perfect place to showcase fall specials, punctuated by spooky cobwebs and fake spiders. You can also host a themed open-house to attract new customers.

Halloween is the perfect time to promote your business, whatever it may be. With a little imagination, planning and ingenuity, you can find an effective and fun way to promote your brand that will resonate.