Use your brand to honor the game’s heritage.

Few sports have the rich tradition of golf. And though you may not carry a mashie in your golf bag, every time you step on the course, whether it’s the ancient links of Scotland, the most modern course in Dubai, or just the neighborhood 18, you’re taking part in the legacy of the game.

A great way to pay homage to this tradition is with items made the old-fashioned way, by hand. Handcrafted items harken back to a simpler time and convey a sense of care and quality that mass-produced items can never hope to replicate.

Take for example, Stitch Golf’s club head covers. Hand-cut and –stitched in the USA, these genuine leather covers offer a style every golfer is sure to appreciate. Exclusive and stylish, Stitch has created custom covers for distinguished golfers across the country, including Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama. Just imagine how impressive they will look with your logo.



Ditch the penny you’ve been marking your putts with, and mark your ball in style with one of Seamus Golf Co.’s hand-forged ball markers. Available in steel, bronze or copper, each marker is made by a second-generation blacksmith using hammer and anvil. Available as an on-site event, you can personalize them with your logo and engraved initials. Whatever you choose, they’re sure to be handed down for generations.

If you prefer classic tartan patterns, Seamus also offers wool bags and club head covers. Customizable to your brand, they are designed, cut, sewn and packaged by hand in Oregon just for you.

If you’re looking for a way to stash a wee dram or just want keep your wallet, phone and other accessories in a convenient location, Stitch offers handmade leather golf valuable pouches that can be perfectly matched to custom shoe bags, tablet cases and wine koozies.

Made with care by skilled artisans, handcrafted golf accessories are taking over the course. Why not take your brand along for the ride?

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