A happier workplace starts with you.

You spend a lot of time at work. In many cases, more time than you spend with your family. As such a big part of your life, you owe it to yourself to create a happier workplace.

Create a sense of purpose

People are happier when they feel like they’re making a difference. Give your employees a shared goal and make sure everyone knows that his or her contributions are important and valued. Solicit opinions from your staff and give it real consideration.

Perks, perks, perks

Encourage employees to improve their office or cubicle space. A familiar setting in the workplace will make employees more comfortable. Instead of using the free coffee in the breakroom, allow everyone to provide their own caffeinated beverage machines. You’d be surprised by the amount of joy a K-cup can bring someone at eight in the morning. Little gestures like ping-pong tables or quarterly company-provided lunches go a long way to making people happier on the job.

You could even provide bi-weekly or monthly novelties to show appreciation for your employees. Something as simple as a handheld puzzle, or a fun desktop accessory can seriously improve employee morale.

Logoed shirts or water bottles increase goodwill and make people feel valued. Branded merchandise is a great way to recognize important work anniversaries or other important dates, or just make a nice gesture.

Show your team that you trust them

It’s sometimes discouraging to feel like management is breathing down your neck. Improve employee morale by trusting each other to complete everyday tasks, and providing constructive feedback when necessary.  An occasional e-mail check up on the progress of projects may also show that you have faith in your employees.

Be aware of negativity

Negativity is a virus that can spread with incredible speed. Keep an eye on your team and take steps to address any ill will as it arises. If your executives are isolated away in an ivory tower, they might not recognize their aloofness is causing resentment.


At the end of the day

An ideal work atmosphere should allow employees to feel comfortable, and welcomed. These tips and tricks to create a happier workplace can benefit the attitudes of everyone around you. For other morale-boosting products, please visit StaplesPromotionalProducts.com or speak with your Staples representative.