Use your brand to promote good heart health.

It’s the most important thing people don’t usually think about. But heart health impacts everyone. Nearly 25% of deaths in the United States are caused by heart disease, so chances are even if you haven’t been personally affected, you know someone who has. But there’s good news: your brand can help in the fight.

Raise heart health awareness.

A great way to promote both awareness of this dangerous disease and your brand is with promotional products. Bags, water bottles and pens raise public awareness and also send the message that you care. Because these items will be used again and again, they’ll help remind people of the importance of good cardiac health.

Reduce the risk.

Studies have shown that heart attack, stroke and other cardiac illnesses can be dramatically reduced by following two simple plans: exercising and eating healthy. Encourage your employees and business partners to make heart healthy choices. Get them moving with athletic apparel like fleece pullovers and performance t-shirts that look great whether you’re in the gym or the mall. Consider promoting a fitness challenge with the help of pedometers or jump ropes.

When it comes to meal choices, sometimes that saturated fat and cholesterol-laden fast food burger can be the easiest option. Help people select healthier options with salad containers or smoothie bottles.

Go Red for women.

Many people don’t realize heart disease affects women differently than their male counterparts. Show the world that women’s heart health is important to your organization by joining the Go Red movement. This movement helps raise awareness while advocating for more research and quicker action. Make your brand an advocate for women’s health with Go Red pens, bags and apparel. To find the perfect Go Red item for your brand, talk to your Staples Representative.

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