The hoodie is everyone’s favorite.

When cooler weather sets in, one article of clothing makes a nearly ubiquitous appearance. Popular with nearly every segment of the population from teenage skateboarders to retirees on the golf course, everyone loves the hoodie.

And why not? Hooded outerwear has been a mainstay since medieval times. It only makes sense that hooded sweatshirts would be extremely popular.

Comfortable, versatile and stylish, the hoodie is one of those rare pieces of clothing that has universal appeal. And it has a fascinating history to match, filled with many twists and turns.

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From a useful garment for blue collar workers, to a staple of the Mickey Mouse Club, the hoodie has become a staple of American culture. And where would we be without it?

Ask the average college student what his or her favorite article of clothing is, and odds on favorites are it’s a hoodie. Punk and hip hop lose some of their edge in a standard sweatshirt. Football games in cool October weather wouldn’t have the same feel. And what would you throw on when it’s a bit chilly in the office or at home? The hoodie has even found a home on the runways of New York, Paris and Milan, rising above its humble beginnings to become a must-have wardrobe piece.

Once a symbol of youthful rebellion, or an unconscious rejection of the uniform of business attire, the hoody has matured into something embraced by people of every age and in every facet of life.

So whether you’re an aspiring graffiti artist seeking to keep a low profile, a tennis player trying to keep your muscles warm and loose, or just a regular person who loves the feel of burying your hands in the front pocket of a hooded sweatshirt, there’s really no substitute for a hoodie.

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