Looking for a way to make your brand message truly last?

Offer a product that’s virtually indestructible.

The guys who make Grizzly Coolers in Decorah, Iowa, know all about this. The company specializes in making coolers that not a bear, bomb or monster truck can destroy.

You can even watch videos of dudes trying in vain to wreck a Grizzly cooler in some pretty creative ways.

These products are seriously tough, for a reason.

Target customers for a brand like Grizzly are campers, fishers and BBQ chefs. All such folks need durable, portable storage that will keep provisions at a steady temperature for long periods of time.

It’s a matter of comfort, food safety and, in some cases, personal security.

Grizzly Coolers are so named because they are built to be bear proof. Just ask the bears at Yellowstone who helped the company get its products certified.

Bears love human food, and they’re strong enough to get it out of just about anything. But, as this video demonstrates, bears can’t break into Grizzly Coolers.

That’s good for campers and the bears, by the way. You don’t want to attract a bear to your campsite for obvious life preservation reasons. Easy access to people food can also lead to bad endings for bears who come snooping, as well as have nutritional impacts on their population in the long term.

So, what makes Grizzly products so reliable?

According to the company, the key to Grizzly strength is rotationally molded plastic. This method of production ensures that the cooler walls all have the same thickness and are free from invisible imperfections that could weaken the shell. A brass latching system doesn’t hurt, either.

Special insulation helps the coolers do their main job of maintaining temperature. Grizzly boasts their products can keep ice for over 19 days! Think of that the next time you open up a different brand of cooler after just a few hours and find all your favorite beverages swimming, and water leaking out the bottom.

Grizzly Coolers come with a lifetime warranty, which is something of a rarity in today’s era of disposable everything. Such a commitment to quality of course leads to consumer trust and a passionate brand following. That’s business gold!

Not only inspiring, Grizzly’s brand equity is also something your company can benefit from.

With customization available on select Grizzly products, you can align your brand with their good name in the form of a promotional product guaranteed to last.


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