Many businesses tend stick to their brand name, logo or a key message on their promotional products, but sometimes the clever can get more traction for you. And it doesn’t matter what sector you support, or what your niche audience is, there’s a way to win over just about anyone in any expertise with a little bit of humor. Here are some examples of our favorites to get the ideas rolling.

Focus on the Expertise

From science and IT to industrial and construction and everything in between, targeting a person’s specific craft can make them much more likely to bare your brand – and the clever message with it – in pride.


General Statements Relatable to Anyone


Focus on the Experiences


Highlight a Unique Service or New/Well-Loved Product

  • It might just help with an upsell
  • Don’t forget about the service offerings as well
  • One of my favorite examples of this comes from my dad’s company. In the 80s (I’m kind of guessing the timing here), his company released a saw they named the saw based on its speed. In an industry filled with men, the children in them came out in droves for their branded merchandise. I’ll leave the more colorful quotes to your imagination, but to this day we can still find shirts with clever phrases highlighting this top seller of his former business

Look for additional apparel quote ideas on Pinterest and recreate them on or with the assistance of your Staples rep.

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