The adage, “it takes a village to raise a child” applies to businesses and the communities they serve well. Day in and day out, businesses are serving their communities. They are employing residents, encouraging individuals to participate in events that build up social participation and goodwill, support causes important to the area. While the individuals at the organizations are critical to the success of these ventures, a business has the unique capability of creating a massive following. And this helps the communities in a greater way.

Corporate Responsibility and the Social Dynamic

By creating a means for employees to work together and meet with other companies in the area, employers give their associates growth opportunities for new skill sets that can be applied at work. They open the door to friendships with community residents they may never interact or meet otherwise. They build up confidences in their employees and give them a means to access enjoyable activities outside of their work and family life. And this can be critical to a person’s mental well being.

Corporate Responsibility and Its Local Economic Impact

The obvious ways a corporation impacts a local economy is by providing work for residents. But oftentimes they do more than that too. They donate their time, output, and funding to local communities by way of taxes, non-profit organizations that help the local communities. They pitch in their help and support financially and through man-power during times of tragedy and crises. And they can build up a larger audience of people for the communities and organizations by shouldering the costs of marketing that a small non-profit couldn’t endure, or a community is unable to bear due to the burdens of disaster.

Corporate Responsibility and Local Recognition

There are so many ways to gain local recognition for the support provided to the community by businesses. This includes sponsorships for local parks and recreation events and teams, donor recognition by local groups on their websites, word of mouth from employees as volunteers or participants.

But there are many other ways to build up awareness for the good your organization does for the community. And promotional products are an excellent voice for that awareness.

Intramural Participation

Create promotional products such as t-shirts, hats, water bottles and more that feature a compelling message unifying your employees’ participation with local organizations, or as players and members in intramural activities in the area.

Supporting a Local Cause

Donate goods gathered by your office to local organizations to help support their recipients. Host collection bins in your office, throw events that encourage donations from your employees, and reward participating employees with gift cards and other thank yous.

Creating Job Opportunities

Join local job fairs to gather opportunities for employment. Have members of your team represent your office and stand out at these events by outfitting them in branded merchandise. Having a cohesive look will make them immediately recognizable as a team, generate awareness that your organization is in the area and create a sense of pride among applicants as they apply to your group. And don’t forget to create a stand-out new hire kit to keep up the air of professionalism initiated at the job fair.

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