Make Promotional Products Your Recruitment Tool

It’s becoming that time of the year when future college students prepare to leave the nest and immerse themselves in the college experience. To draw attention to your university’s perks and amenities, you need to find memorable products that are student and family friendly. These giveaways can help you advertise by creating student spirit, showing familial loyalty, and overall driving recruitment.


For the students:

Your incoming students are a representation of your institute. They will drive influence for your university, and will become your brand image over the duration of their enrollment. It benefits your university to ensure that these students are accommodated with promotional products worth bragging about.

Technology is key

Earbuds are a convenient item that may be needed on the way to workout at the Rec, or on the quiet floor of the library. Either way you use them this product is perfectly compact, and unique with your university’s logo. (81BZ4)

Earbuds in Carabiner - 81BZ4

The hot commodity for the summer has hands-down been fidget spinners. Catch your future student’s attention with these handheld, entertaining devices. (81EAM)

Fidget Spinners - 81EAM


Fashion for the first day

This adjustable cap will be the envy of students at other universities. With a wide variety of vibrant colors, this hat is the perfect fit for any student. Plus, who wouldn’t love to have some stylish university apparel going into college. (80GKZ)

Unstructured Brush Twill Cap - 80GKX

In the midst of packing their bags for college this summer students will find that it’s easy to lose some items along the way. Ensure that they can keep track of their sunglasses with these branded sunglass straps. (80C1W)

iWear Sunglasses Strap - 80C1W


Get them outdoors

For some study break excitement this collapsible flyer is a must-have. This product encourages your students to get outdoors, and meet some new faces. Your university logo could be seen flying across the quad during the first week of school. (80VFX)


For the parents:

A guardians’ impression of your university is just important as your future students’ opinion. The parents of your student could potentially have younger children, be in contact with parents of other students looking at universities, or be influential in their community. These promotional products will make it easy for the students’ loved ones to brag about their child choosing your university.

Preparation time

Nothing says preparing my child for college like a detailed cluster of notes. This customized list caddy will remind those frantic loved ones while they’re shopping that their children will be in good hands. (817HD)

List Caddy - 817HD

A “my kid’s going to college at *insert university here*” t-shirt is a great way to spread the word about your university. These unisex short sleeve t-shirts are the perfect memorable giveaway for mom and dad. It would be valuable for your university to also invest in a women’s style top to ensure the fit will be more comfortable. (805R3, 80GJD)

Unisex Short Sleeve Tee - 805R3Bella Canvas Missy Fit Short Sleeve T-shirt - 80GJD

For a standard promotional initiative, consider advertising your university logo on a bumper sticker. This is a very simple and effective option that’s guaranteed to be observed by a large audience. (810VZ)

Clear Bumper Sticker - 810VZ


Need more promotional inspiration?

Check out the thousands of promotional options at Our Industry tab allows you to browse products specific to your needs. For more product information, you can also contact your Staples Promotional Products representative.