Use your brand to keep students warm this winter.

Brrr! Do you feel that cold wind blowing? Winter is upon us. Here are some hot ideas to help you keep students warm when it gets chilly outside.

Make studying more comfortable.

Do you know how hard it is to focus on trigonometry when you’re shivering? Even well heated and insulated homes get drafty in the winter. Help your scholars stay warm with a logoed fleece blanket.

Take the pain out of the morning commute.

The hardest part about school in the winter is the commute. Whether it’s standing on a frozen corner waiting for the bus or walking two miles uphill through the snow, nobody looks forward to risking the loss of a digit to frostbite.  Touchscreen gloves are a must-have for modern students. They not only keep fingers warm, but they let you keep using your smartphone or other touchscreen device.

Warm up with school spirit.

Everyone loves hoodies. Help your students stay comfortable and show off their school pride with a hoodie emblazoned with your name and mascot. Equally at home in the classroom, at a pep rally or in the mall, it looks great and traps in vital body heat.

A hot drink does a world of good.

Nothing warms the soul like sipping on something hot. Whether it’s coffee, hot cocoa or even chicken noodle soup, keep it hot and delicious in a thermos.

Keep cars safe and operable.

High school means lots of new drivers on the road. Make sure their automobiles are ready for bad weather with important things like ice scrapers and emergency kits.  You’ll feel better knowing your students have access to jumper cables and the like when road conditions get terrible.

Promote good health.

Perhaps the worst thing about winter is the onset of cold and flu season. Keep your student body healthy with ideas from our Flu Prevention and Awareness Guide.