Logoed team products are a great way to show your spirit.

Your school’s team is the best. Everyone knows that. Except, maybe those people support your rival. But they’re delusional. Your team is #1, whether their record shows it or not.  That’s why you root for them.

But how do you let other people know about their greatness and identify yourself as a fan? And even more, how do you financially support your team aside from simply buying tickets? The answer is easy: logoed team products.

Think about it – the next time you play your crosstown rival (Boo!),imagine the stands packed with students, parents, friends and fans clad in your colors, cheering your football, softball or wrestling team on to victory.

Now imagine the powerful impact all of these logoed team products will have on your school’s budget. Money raised from selling t-shirts, sweats and jackets emblazoned with your logo are a great way to raise funds for things your school needs, whether it’s new uniforms for the players or new computers for the lab.

And it doesn’t just have to be clothing. Is your school stadium equipped with those less-than-comfortable metal bleachers that are searing hot in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter? Seat cushions are a perfect way to add some comfort to the fan experience while generating some cash.

Rally towels are another great way to increase school spirit and fan support while raising funds.  Picture it now: the opposing team is going to the free throw line late in the fourth quarter of a close game. What better way to distract the shooter than with hundreds of waving rally towels as the fans go crazy?

Pompoms, buttons, hats or vuvuzelas, there are hundreds of great logoed team products you can use to support your team, both morally and financially. So grab your thundersticks and school hoody and get out there! Your team needs you!