Helping employees get through long shifts.

Some jobs ask for a lot. Firefighters, medical personnel, truck drivers and countless others put in far more than the standard 8-hour workday. And these long shifts can be tough, both mentally and physically. They’re working hard, but you can help make it a little bit easier, a little healthier and a little bit more enjoyable.

Make long shifts easier by:

  1. Utilizing the power of caffeine – There’s a reason so many people turn to a cup of tea or coffee when they’re feeling rundown – caffeine has been proven to improve mental alertness. Encourage workers working long shifts to take refueling breaks with quality coffees. In addition to the power boost they get from the caffeine, they’ll enjoy the warming comfort as well.
  2. Powering up with snacks – For nurses, doctors or anyone else who’s burning the midnight oil, it can be tempting to fuel up with a sugary snack or a greasy burger from the cafeteria. While these might be momentarily satisfying treats, in the long run they’re going to contribute to fatigue and poor health. Give your employees a better fuel option with fruits and nuts.
  3. Prevent people from overdoing it – For some people, it’s hard to stop before the job is done. But that’s not always the best choice. There’s a reason why pilots are only allowed to fly so many hours – when you’re tired performance and overall safety drop considerably. Don’t let employees overdo it. When they’re tired, send them home.
  4. Using anti-fatigue items – If your employees are constantly on their feet, consider investing in anti-fatigue mats. These mats and other anti-fatigue items can go a long way to preventing exhaustion and the mistakes that come along with it.
  5. Encouraging overall wellness – Make sure everyone is taking care of their health. Regular breaks to stretch or stay hydrated make a big difference. Encourage your staff to eat healthy and get enough sleep. They’ll feel better and those long shifts will be considerably easier.