May 2017

Lunch on the Go

A tasty lunch has never been so easy.

There are lots of reasons to take your lunch. It’s cheaper. You know exactly what’s in it. In many cases it’s healthier.

But it’s not always appealing. Temperature variances, foods running together and a lack of variety can all contribute to making that fast food burger with fries a lot more tempting.

Well, encourage your employees to ditch that limp turkey sandwich in a brown paper bag.  This is the 21st century and they’re adults. It’s time to eat lunch like a grown up.

Sophisticated lunches made easy.

You may be thinking that lunch at work can’t be delicious. Well think again. Hand out a branded lunch pod food container, aka a bento box, to make the break room  the next best thing to fine dining. Large compartments keep your veggies separated from your rice, or your mac n’ cheese away from your panini, so everything stays crisp and delicious. And a locking design makes transport and clean up so easy.

An all-around lunch set is another great way to make lunch a little tastier. Say goodbye to wilted lettuce and unappetizing salads, this insulated cooler comes with a plastic plate separated into two sections.  That helps keep your tomatoes and cucumbers from turning your lettuce soggy, for a better dining experience. And it even comes with its own spoon/fork, so finding cutlery isn’t a problem.

And if someone wants leftovers, there’s nothing better than the Cool Gear® Lunch Express Kit.  With a divided compartment, and storage for a fork and knife in the lid, it has built in freezer gel, helping ensure food safety, even if someone accidentally forgets to put it in the refrigerator.

There are so many options for making lunch a better experience. And your brand can be the one delivering it. So stop it with the pre-packaged lunch kits. Those are for kids. A delicious, healthy, adult lunch is so easy.