The rise of the (branded) machines.

Once upon a time, if you needed something typed (and didn’t know how to yourself, because who did in the old days?), you dashed off a handwritten copy to the typing pool. If you needed to send a message, you hired a courier to deliver it. And mathematical calculations were painfully done by hand, maybe with the help of a slide rule if you were lucky. But machines have changed all that.

In the modern world, virtually every task is either completed or assisted with the use of a machine of some sort. From computers to calculators, voice mail boxes to coffee makers, everywhere you look there are machines doing a job. And everywhere there’s a machine, there’s a new opportunity for marketing and branding.

Using machines to promote your brand.

Because machines are so ubiquitous in the modern workplace, they present a huge opportunity to promote your brand. From the machines themselves, to the materials they use, a little creativity in marketing can ensure your brand always stays at the top of mind.

The most obvious way to leverage machines to generate brand impressions is by branding the machine itself. Think about it – you’re an office goods supplier. You supply all kinds of items from pens to breakroom supplies like coffee filters. What better way to remind your clients that you’re a one-stop shop for all their office needs than with a coffee maker bearing your logo? Or a printer? Or a keyboard?

And it’s not just office suppliers that can reap the benefits of branding machines either. A great way to stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds is by giving them branded items they will regularly use. Not only will you generate great exposure, but it will cause them to subconsciously associate your company with usefulness, which is never a bad thing.

You don’t have to make a huge investment either. You can find smaller ways to brand machines as well. For example, give away stickers at your coffee shop, bar and restaurant that includes the WiFi login information. Regular customers will hang onto them, hopefully even slapping them in highly visible locations like the outside of their laptop.

As technology increases, the modern workplace depends more and more on machines. Flash drives, device storage, coffee makers and so much more – the possibilities for branding related products are practically endless.