Help Patients and Clients Say Thank You to Their Nurses

There is a multitude of opportunities to show your organization’s gratitude to your staff. And oftentimes there are holidays dedicated to that purpose alone, from Employee Appreciation to industry and specialty specific appreciation days and weeks. But how can you ensure the gratitude is shared year round and beyond internal positions within your organization?

Giving Nurses Gifts Beyond the Office

Patients entrust their wellbeing to your nursing staff, creating a unique position to offer their heartfelt thanks for the hard work and dedication given to them. They have few ways to easily express it though, and in many cases the burden is one they can’t prepare for or is too difficult to complete to their content.

Consider how your practice can build in a reliable means for patients to order and deliver a memorable thank you item right from their hospital room. Offering a selection of gifts available to order on your site, through a gift shop or front desk are a few great ways to ease the process. And, by giving them a smaller selection of items you know your staff will appreciate will save them time and money.

Don’t forget, one way to give your nurses a warm thank you can start on National Nurses Day, Sunday May 6, 2018. Check out these great gift ideas to get started:

Useful Gifts

Many times patients want to show appreciation by giving nurses items they will find useful and practical. Maybe it’s something that will help them make it through a long shift, or an item that can be used anywhere.

Special Mementos

Some people love a gift that brings a smile, or a heartwarming feeling due to a pleasant memory or idea. These gifts help to capture that feeling and create a unique thank you.

Gifts for the Group

No team is complete without the whole group. Help reward everyone with these thank you ideas perfect for the crowd.

Everyone loves shareable treats. Consider providing options for your patients and clients to order that include:

Find the best way to put together a kit your patients and clients can order from with the best product selection by talking to your Staples representative today.