Sensory Brand Experiences and Your Brand

As we progress in the technological and marketing worlds, consumers are demanding more and more from their brands. Consumers are asking to not only be told the benefits of a relationship with a specific brand, but to be shown. In order to satiate this need, we’ve seen a trend from marketers around the world utilizing sensory brand experiences alongside traditional brand initiatives to build relationships and drive sales with their consumers.


What exactly is a sensory brand experience? This term describes a set of activities that can include, but are not limited to: corporate events, trade shows, experiential stunts, virtual and hybrid events, pop ups and more. Basically, any type of event you can think of where a brand must actually interact with the consumer.


Brand events offer more than traditional advertising; they provide an experience.

When used properly, brand experiences deliver proof of a brand’s promise or the benefits of a specific product or service of a brand. Sensory brand experiences create a physical and hopefully emotional interaction between the brand or product and the people that matter most to them. In addition, the opportunity to gain earned media is extremely high with sensory brand events.


Creating brand experiences for your ideal consumers is more important than ever as consumers seek more personalized interactions with their brands. In a poll conducted by PPAI, more than 90 percent of marketing professionals agreed that brand experiences deliver stronger face-to-face interactions and compelling brand engagements.


For a double-whammy of sorts…

Introducing branded merchandise to your clientele at such an event keeps your branding with them long after the event itself has concluded. This pairing provides not only a meaningful interaction with a consumer, but thousands of impressions to come through promotional products and earned media.


Creativity has always been a key factor in marketing. As audiences grow more educated and sophisticated, marketers are jumping at the bit for creative solutions to connect with their desired audiences. Creating a sensory brand experience could be the correct solution for your brand.