Make promotional products the star of your 2017 marketing plans.

A new year is fast approaching. As you get ready to take your organization forward, it’s time to start thinking about your 2017 marketing plans. Where should you spend your dollars and focus your efforts? There are lots of options, but one makes more sense than the others – promotional products.

Think about it. What’s the main point of your marketing plans? To get your product or business noticed. Nothing beats promotional products for that. According to a PPAI study, 88% of consumers can recall the advertiser behind a promotional product they’ve received in the past year.  And that’s just the people who received them.

Think of the nearly countless impressions quality and useful promotional items have over their lifespan. From t-shirts and caps, to writing instruments and drinkware, promotional products have a high reach and recall potential.

Promotional products are a top-tier marketing media.

Because of their usefulness, promotional products have an incredibly long life span. Whereas some advertising mediums have incredibly short lives (think of a 30 second radio spot), promotional products generate prolonged exposure.

In fact, according to the same PPAI study, 54% are kept at home, and 24% carried on the person. Even the unwanted ones aren’t trashed, with 42% being passed on to someone else. Only 1 in 5 is actually thrown away. That’s the kind of exposure print ads and television spots would kill for.

Branded merchandise creates a positive impression.

Consumers love promotional products. That’s undeniable. Whether they’re given away to promote a product, business or cause, directly drive sales or say thanks, consumers understand what they’re used for. And they respond to it.

The PPAI conducted a survey which discovered 55% of consumers had done business with an advertiser before receiving a promotional product. After receiving branded merchandise, that jumped a whopping 30 percent to 85%

The power of promotional products as part of your marketing plans can’t be denied. For more information, watch this video: