Marketing Initiatives by the Numbers

Global ad spending continues to rise, as reported by eMarketer, 2017 overall paid media spend will increase by 7% to $584+ billion. And with this increased spend, businesses across all industries can expect a continued surge of competition in their markets as more businesses are capturing the attention of your current and prospective customers with these large marketing budgets.

Why allocate budgets to marketing initiatives?

If you’re like many companies, your organization’s leaders may question why they should invest their budgets in marketing efforts. Marketing isn’t always a direct response avenue, and often it takes months to nurture a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead – and that doesn’t even encompass the time it takes to transition from a sales lead to a closed sale. But marketing is how you get your name out to the public, it opens the door to new opportunities and keeps you top of mind for current customers. That’s why you want to build a marketing plan that maximizes your spend and focuses on measurable results.

Key Performance Indicators of Marketing Initiatives

What are the measurable results your organization should focus on? This could vary broadly based on your business, if you’re new to a market then awareness will be paramount; but if you’re an established producer/provider perhaps your focus will be on expanding your network, leveraging your current customer’s database, or tapping into partners of partners.

Regardless of your objective, you know that the crux will be setting a benchmark and exceeding it. And the best way to do that is to leverage powerful marketing platforms that you know will perform well.

Promotional Products are Powerful Form of Marketing Initiatives

Choosing promotional products as a key component of your marketing initiatives will help you succeed in surpassing your benchmarks. That’s because promotional products are more memorable to recipients. They are a more personal marketing technique, and can have a long lifespan.

Selecting the Right Promotional Products for Your Marketing Initiatives

While there are innumerable promotional products to choose from, especially when you consider the customization options available, narrowing down your selection will make it easier for you to get the right product, at the right price, with the right branding. And again, there are a few approaches you can take to determine these items. Perhaps you are budget conscious and need items that can stretch your marketing dollars further. Or, you want to check out what the competition is doing in your industry and pick items that are preferable to your audiences. Another option could be creating a custom experience that wows your target buyer. The possibilities are endless. And that’s why working with a team of professionals who are designed to help you no matter what your needs are, will help your marketing efforts achieve greater success.

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