When choosing a trade show theme, think about what useful products are on the market that your customers (or potential customers) can use. Everything from adhesive cell phone wallets, to lip balm and multi-tools can be cleverly applied to the theme of your trade show booth.

Some of my favorite tie-ins have been:

  • A company that sells solar panels recently participated in a regional trade show where their theme was: “We keep you charged.” The perfect giveaway? A power bank. They’re a small item, easy to ship, cost effective and very useful.
  • A provider of tracking software for small companies with fleet vehicles approached their last show with a “Keep a Handle on Costs” theme. They gave away loops that attach to any mobile phone making them hands-free to carry.
  • A company that provides social media support to small and medium size businesses were looking for a small, easy to store and transport item to take to local chamber meetings and events. They settled on the adhesive cell phone pocket that attaches to most mobile phones. What a perfect match between social media company and cell phone than a way to entice your prospects to immediately stick your logo onto the back of their cell phones?

Getting creative when determining a trade show giveaway can make your booth more memorable than the competition. We can help you choose just the right giveaway to integrate your brand with your theme. Send them away from your trade show booth with something they will put to good use!