With the new year coming up, you’re sure to hear lots of office chatter surrounding one all-consuming and often un-followed through with topic: New Year’s Resolutions.

While you might find a few outliers whose resolutions involve meeting new people, trying new things, etc., the majority of the population, and most likely your workplace, will be forming goals centered around losing weight and improving health and fitness.

These are wonderful goals to have, but unfortunately it seems to be the case that many who set these well-intentioned resolutions tend to give up on them within the first few months. Working towards improved mental, physical and spiritual health should be something we do year-round, not just in January!

You as an employer can utilize branded gifts to assist your associates in keeping with their healthy New Year’s Resolutions. Healthy promotional merchandise can lower your overall health costs, encourage camaraderie and wellness within your organization and provide your brand with positive exposure and impressions well into the new year. Here are a few ideas your employees will love and use to further their health and fitness regimes.

Water Tracker

The world’s first hydration reminder bottle attachment, this smart device can be mounted on beverage containers of all shapes and sizes to remind your valued employees to stay hydrated all day and keep them on track with their fitness goals, whether new or established.

Wellness Set

This comprehensive on-the-go wellness set is designed to keep them hydrated, increase flexibility and allow time for self-care even within a busy lifestyle. The set includes a yoga manual, water bottle roller, water bottle ice tray and wellness band. Next stop: fitness!

The North Face® Apex Duffel

The perfect bag for the gym junkie (or aspiring gym junkie), this North Face® duffel is large enough to carry any and all health and wellness essentials and includes two compartments: one for clean clothes and another with a breathable mesh top for post-workout storage.

Nike®/Adidas® Fleece

Keep them warm during outdoor workouts and gain lasting impressions with promotional name-brand fleeces, including a suave Men’s Nike® half zip and a sleek Women’s Adidas® quarter zip. With workout gear this stylish, they’ll be running out of excuses not to get out and active.

Gifts aren’t the only way to encourage healthy behaviors in the new year. You could start a few friendly health-related competitions, such as step or walking competitions, inter-office sports, etc., to help your employees keep their goals in line and spread your brand name.

For more ideas and inspiration on healthy gifts or otherwise, check out the 2018 Seasonal Idea Book.