Make your work environment more fulfilling this Nurses Week.

Doctors may get all the accolades, but nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical world. Working long hours, providing lifesaving care and comfort to the unwell, all too often their contributions are overlooked or underappreciated. That’s why Nurses Week exists – to show them that they really are valued.

This Nurses Week (Saturday, May 6 through Friday, May 12, in case you weren’t sure), do more than just say “thanks.” Show the nurses in your organization you care by creating a fun environment with a week of facility enrichment.

It all starts with the decorations.

Every good party starts with decorations. Dress up your facility with signs, banners and balloons highlighting Nurses Week. Your nurses will feel the love from the moment they walk in the door, and it’s sure to elicit more than a few “thank you for all you dos” from patients and doctors alike.

Gifts are a great way to demonstrate appreciation.

One of the things many nurses look forward to about Nurses Week is an annual gift from their employer. It’s a great opportunity to show appreciation and give your nurses a chance to show off their organizational pride at the same time. Fleeces and bags are always a great choice. One major hospital chain found high-end umbrellas to be the perfect fit for its staff. Make sure you chose something that will be valued and used frequently.

Don’t forget the food.

It’s not a real work celebration without food and snacks. Morale gets a serious boost anytime complementary food makes an appearance. Why not make a week of it with a variety of treats? Start with a catered lunch (or dinner – don’t forget the nightshift). Follow that up with daily snacks in the form of brownies, popcorn or fruits. Your nurses will love the snack and they’ll know that you really care.