Knick knacks.

They are generally completely useless, and yet everyone has them. To quote Murphy Lee in ‘Air Force Ones,’ “You cannot sit up and tell me that you’ve got none man. You may not have three or four, but you’ve got one man.” Why is this? The world may never know. All we can do is accept it and start collecting action figures to adorn the tops of our desks. So, without further ado, here’s our guide to selecting the perfect knick knacks for your workspace.

 office desk knick knacks


Small terrariums or plants are a wonderful way to bring some fresh oxygen and life to your desk. Easy to find at any hardware or greenery store, these small, green delights can really brighten up your space. Just make sure you remember to water and provide sunlight! For those of us who can’t keep a plant alive for more than a few hours (me), small fake terrariums or plants are just as appealing with none of the work.



Make your area look AND smell good with simple, scent-focused items to place atop your desk. For example, try an essential oil diffuser to not only look good, but feel good, too. If you’re more into traditional, candle-esque scents, opt for a wax warmer. They smell amazing and they definitely won’t burn your office building down (this could be a positive or a negative depending on where you’re at in your work week).



Another seemingly pointless, yet somehow important desktop feature, can be found in figurines. Figurines are a staple of any desk aesthetic. From Minions to action figures, a good figurine will always have a place on a classic work space. You can use them to rep your alma mater or support a local sports team or brand. This could also be an opportunity as a brand to give your employees a small, custom object to display their pride in your company every day.


Things to Hold Other Things

Finally, a knick knack with a purpose! Knick knacks that can hold other things are perfect for organization as well as presenting a visually appealing workspace. Try mason jars for a farmhouse feel or maybe a metallic paper clip holder for something more modern. Step it up a notch with a crystal business card holder. Either way, things that can hold other things are perfect knick knacks to feng shui your area and keep your time in the office interesting.


Stay tuned for more titillating Office Chic style guides!