In our last guide to having chicest workspace in the office, we will discuss personalization and how it can be that final touch in making your space the best place for you to not only get your work done, but also enjoy your time there. The following are just a few options of ways to personalize your space.



While most of the art around your cubicle will mean something to you, add even more personalization by displaying art you actually made. From paintings to ceramics, show off your artistic prowess by proudly putting up your original work. Not the best at art projects, but still interested in hanging your own “masterpieces”? You’re not alone! Use some of your time outside of the office to try a local DIY shop. They’ll help guide you through the art process and ensure you come out with a product that actually looks like whatever it’s supposed to look like.

art for office spaces


Consider: your boss is yelling at you via email, you’ve got a mountain of work to do and motivation and mood are at all-time lows. What could possibly pick you up at this moment, barring actually leaving and never returning? Perhaps just a quick glance at a baby photo of your significant other or a snapshot your favorite vacation could do the trick. Printing photos at the very least will give you a few seconds of distraction and joy!


Knick Knacks

We’ve already talked about the art of adding knick knacks to your desk space, but what we haven’t discussed is how you can personalize your knick knacks. One option is utilizing your initials, perhaps with wooden lettering on your desktop. As a brand, you could order custom objects for your employees to display your branding with pride. You could also consider looking for knick knacks that are meaningful to you from your past, like figurines from your alma mater or items from your home town to remind you where you came from. Little things like these can brighten up a dull work week.


When personalizing your desk, the options are endless and defined solely by you. Capitalize on your individuality and use this opportunity show off your glowing personality. If you put your heart and soul into your work space, not only will you enjoy your time there more, but others will delight in seeing you shine through your decoration as well.