You sit at your desk for basically eight hours a day. As appealing as those gray walls are, wouldn’t your time there be much more pleasant with a little more color or perhaps a small terrarium? Feng shui your cubicle with these helpful tips through our Office Chic series.

Wall Décor

Make your cubicle or office easy on the eyes by setting up a gallery-style wall filled with pictures and prints that speak to you. If you really want to step up your wall styling, select a theme or add an accent color or two. When people stop by your desk, they’ll never want to leave, even after you drop several hints that it’s probably time to do so. Check out our wall style guide for even more tips.


Yes, you need a file cabinet for all your many pounds of paperwork. No, it does not have to be boring! Wood is trending, so check out some inexpensive wood pieces, like a wood desk set to help keep you productive and your desk organized in style. Add a rustic gold lamp or maybe even a pink Himalayan salt lamp to brighten up your space. For more information, see our furniture guide.

Knick Knacks

There’s no denying it: every desk needs knick knacks. Are they completely pointless? Ok, yeah. But they’re also completely aesthetically-pleasing! Rock a crystal business card holder to let everyone know that you are in the business of good space design. Try a gold paper clip holder or a few small terrariums or planters to add some life to your cubicle. Love, or at least attempt to like, your cubicle with the help of our knick knack guide.


Finally, get personal. Your desk is where you spend most of your week, so why not give it a few personal touches? Add a collage of pictures of your family and friends. Rep your favorite sports team or your alma mater with small figurines or branded merchandise. Into art? Hang some of your own original work (but first, grab some tools to help you create it) to really wow everyone who stops by your spot. Make your space feel like you, with the help of our personalization decoration guide.

Keep an eye out for our complete Office Chic series. Coming soon to a screen near you!