Your wall decor doesn’t go unnoticed.

Add some much-needed pizzazz to your walls with our wall décor style guide! Here’s some pointers on how to give your cubicle a classy, gallery feel.


Choose a theme

From travel to hometown pride, and everything in between (even food, there’s a lot of cool pizza-themed wall décor out there), it’s always a good idea to stick with a theme for your walls. Themes provide continuity for your space and make your life easier when searching for that perfect piece to put up.


Utilize accent color(s)

Make your wall décor stand out with an accent color or two. For that extra bit of color that weaves your theme together, select a color that makes you feel at home in your space. Make it the ultimate trendy experience by involving one or more of the Pantone shades.


Select a main piece

Go one step further by choosing one specific piece to bring your wall décor to the next level. Whether it’s larger than your other décor or utilizes your accent color(s) most prominently, you’ll know a main piece when you see it. It just pops.


Personalize it

Here’s where we really make your space feel like home. Print out pictures that mean something to you, featuring anything from your friends and family to your beloved cat. Place them in simple, chic frames to keep the attention on your photos’ subjects. Just make sure your frames match your theme!


Arrange gallery-style

Finally, place all wall adornments, from pictures to prints to festive clocks and everything in between, close together (about an inch or so of space all around) on your cubicle wall or real wall if you’re so lucky.  The finished, artfully arranged wall will make your space the most aesthetically-pleasing on the block. Will it increase your productivity? Eh, maybe. But will it make your time at your desk more enjoyable? Definitely.

Gallery Wall of Promotional Products

Now go forth and decorate!