One-piece minimums are no problem.

Imagine this: Your organization’s Vice President of Sales is retiring and you’ve been tasked with finding the perfect gift for her. And because you’re a great shopper, you’ve managed to locate something she would love. You’re all set to buy it and have it emblazoned with your company’s logo when you notice the fine print at the bottom of the page: 50 piece minimum.

Fifty pieces?!? You’re kidding right? This is an expensive item, and not only would giving 49 more of them away cheapen the impact on your VP, but it would also go way over your budget. You need to do business with someone who offers one-piece minimums. But where could you find someone who offers both this and has great product selection?

…oh wait!

You forgot about Staples.

As the leader in the promotional products industry, Staples can offer one-piece minimums with no trouble.

You see, most promotional products suppliers have higher minimums because they need you to order more products to make it worth their while. Not Staples. That’s because we have unmatched connections and a superior network that allows us to offer you whatever you need at much lower minimums, sometimes as low as one piece.

So you have three choices:

  1. Don’t get that perfect item you found – Hopefully the Vice President will appreciate whatever generic gift you went with in its place. I’m sure it’s much better than the customized bicycle you initially had in mind.
  2. Go with the high minimums from the other guys – Nothing says “you’re one-of-a-kind,” quite like giving 50 people identical gifts. I’m sure your retiree won’t feel underappreciated at all. And oh yeah, good luck explaining to your boss why you went so far over budget.
  3. Get the perfect item from Staples – It’s the only logical choice. Whether you’re giving a high-tech speaker, a stylish engraved pen, or a personalized watch, Staples has the products and one-piece minimums to make your exceptional gift ideas a reality.