What Makes an Amazing Online Shopping Experience?

Whether we’re shopping for shoes, electronics, books, clothing, real estate, flights, higher education, promotional products or our dream cars, the best online shopping experiences are about easy access to information. We love the power that online shopping has given us, and that has created a demand for even more information. Now we expect to have access to every little detail, enlisting content managers and developers to provide more and more.

A Good Experience

A good online shopping experience includes the most current information for making informed decisions, such as features, materials, colors, textures, multiple views, shipping weights, price ranges and a simple and secure checkout. A good experience is what we expect when shopping online.

A Great Experience

A great online shopping experience includes all that is in a good experience plus additional resources—latest trends, new arrivals, special promotions, full company details, legal terms, return policy, customer reviews, close-up zooming, interactive seating charts, comparisons, suggested items based on recent searches, multiple navigation menus and a wish list or save option. Sometimes it is difficult to make decisions on the first visit, and no one wants to start over from the beginning! For someone who experiences multiple interruptions in a day, it’s reassuring to come back to a cart of previously saved items.

An Amazing Experience

An amazing online shopping experience offers everything that a great experience includes and adds reassurance. We need confidence that whatever details we have submitted have gone through with a message confirming each choice (no blank screens or long hang-ups) and a subsequent email or text sent immediately to affirm our choices, pricing and shipping.

A beneficial resource is the creation of “guest checkout.” This method of purchasing items online is greatly appreciated by those consumers who perhaps don’t always keep track of information or passwords.

An amazing experience includes search filters by size, color, price, brand, location, age, material and other specific features. We need the ability to change those decisions before clicking submit without losing any of the other decisions in the process. We should also have a minimum of 12 hours to change those decisions, without penalty or hassle, and know exactly what the contract is between ourselves and the sellers.

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