Optimizing business travel to make it easier, healthier and more efficient.

Willie Nelson may be looking forward to get on the road again, but for business travelers, this is not always the case. Travel is stressful, unproductive and time consuming. Here are some helpful ideas for optimizing business travel.

Take the office anywhere.

One of the hardest things about travel is the amount of productivity lost. Whether it’s time spent in transit or waiting for connecting flights, it’s time that could be spent on work. Help business travelers take their office with them with travel products to keep them connected. International travelers will appreciate a power converter that lets them keep their devices charged up anywhere in the world.

A portable battery backup is the perfect way to ensure there’s always an emergency supply of power for those last minute emails and orders.

Take the bug out of travel.

Close confinement and various communal stops, along with standard motion sickness and potential altitude changes, ups the risks of travel colds. And if someone has a cold, there’s a good chance everyone is going to get it. Help your traveling crew fight back with a basic defense against germs.

Hand sanitizer is a great place to start. And because the stress of travel can weaken the immune system, help people relax with headphones to drown out the hustle and bustle of the airport, and essential oils. Another way to fight off bugs is by encouraging proper hydration. A water bottle that can be filled at drinking fountains once past the security lines is a highly useful item.

Keep everything organized.

One of the hardest parts of travel is remembering where everything is stashed. Help your road warriors keep it all together. A messenger bag with lots of pockets helps busy travelers keep important documents, notebooks and a laptop computer in easy reach for working in coffee shops and airport terminals.