Picture the following…

You’re in the airport waiting (semi) patiently for your plane to arrive. You’re standing in line at the local coffee shop waiting to order your favorite macchiato. Or you’re outside of your child’s school waiting to pick them up. Now, what do all of these situations have in common, besides being exercises in patience? If you’re in a sales position, all of these situations may be an opportunity to build a sales lead.

It’s all about the waiting game…  If you have the right tools with you and the right mindset, a seemingly unimportant, unexpected moment in your day could become a sales opportunity. 


Wear Your Brand Swag

One of the keys to establishing a sales lead in an unexpected place is having the right gear on you. That’s where promotional products come in. If you’re already wearing a shirt that carries your brand name and logo, you’ve already got an organic segue into a conversation about working together. For example, these work wear ideas can be used for utility and are sure to spark interest, which we know is all it takes to begin a relationship that could lead to a sales lead.


Keep Calm and Carry On

Another way to grow this unexpected situation from an opportunity into an actual lead is through carrying a branded bag with you wherever you go. There’s no denying you have a lot of stuff. From your laptop to your lunch, you can use bags of any size to show off your company’s logo and put your brand in the mind of your potential leads. There’s a correlation between advertising and sales revenue. Use promotional products to harness this. Also, it may seem like a no-brainer, but just as a reminder always keep several business cards on hand, perhaps even in your branded bag. Your potential lead will need your contact information when your brand sticks out to them and they need more information.


Bring It Home

The big takeaway here to optimize every public, unexpected sales opportunity is to always have the essentials on hand to facilitate the next steps. Keeping your company’s branding prevalent in any and all aspects possible will help ease into the sales process with your potential leads AKA anyone who comes into contact with you. You have so many options to choose from with branded merchandise. You can generate exposure for your brand and build potential sales leads in your own way.