How to stand out at an outdoor tradeshow.

An outdoor tradeshow is a wonderful thing. People love being outside when the weather is nice, and being in a good mood automatically makes them more receptive to whatever it is you’re pitching. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your next outdoor tradeshow.

Prepare for the elements.

Even if no precipitation is in the forecast, you need to make sure your booth is prepared to stand up to the elements. This starts with outdoor signage and banners. Make sure yours are specially designed to stand up to the wind, sun and rain. And make sure you have a plan if the weather does take a turn for the worse.

Have an outdoor giveaway.

An outdoor tradeshow is the perfect opportunity to give people an item they can put to use right away. There’s a good chance a lot of attendees have forgotten something to shield the glare with. Caps and sunglasses are perfect here. They’ll get immediate use and generate tons of exposure.

Likewise, water bottles, fans and other promotional items that are useful when outdoors will have a big impact. An underrated, and often overlooked giveaway is the paperweight. They’ll keep your sales and marketing materials from flying off with every gust of wind, and be in high demand from everyone else who didn’t foresee this problem.

Have a big game.

Outdoor tradeshow usually have more room than their indoor counterparts. This means more space for a big attention-generating game. Maybe you want to bring a full-size ping pong table (with customized balls, of course). Or maybe it’s a football toss.  Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s something the average attendee will want to try out.

The average attendee will spend 9 hours perusing booths at a show. Make sure you and your booth get a good chunk of that time at your next outdoor tradeshow.