Turn Your Branded Merchandise into Pinterest-Inspired Promotional Gifts

Pinterest has a knack for making us realize there is way more to gifting than just gifts. It’s the presentation that makes all the difference, taking an often-overlooked item and turning it into a fun, one-of-a-kind memorable gift. And with promotional products, your branded gifts can go one step further. Pairing a customized item with a personalized presentation elevates any gift, whether it’s a shared item for the whole office, or a personal memento for an excellent business partner. Let’s take a look at four ways your promotional products can go above and beyond with these pinspiring promotional presentations.

Pinspiring Promotional Presenation #1 – Whisk Them Away

A pop of color makes a standard kitchen whisk an eye-catching utensil worth displaying. Adding your logo to the handle will keep your brand at attention in office kitchen’s, employees and customers’ homes, as a donation to local organizations and beyond. Take it one step further with clever phrases on custom hang-tags like the “We Whisk You a Merry Christmas” and don’t forget to stuff it full of branded candies and chocolates for a group, or an individual chocoholic, to devour.


Pinspiring Promotional Presentation #2 – Campfire Mug

Your business partners may not be roasting hazelnuts over an open fire, but they may be bottoms-up with a promotional campfire mug filled to the brim with delicious promotional hot chocolate. Brand the outside of the mug for a long-lasting promotional item from your organization, and include a personal message with the mug cellophane wrapped to hold in a couple packets of delicious hot chocolate or cider. Don’t forget to put an extra special touch to the drink and treat packets, such as wrapping them in custom ribbon, including an extra candy for dipping and stirring in their drink, or a mix of drink and treats wrapped together with a custom note from your organization.

Pinspiring Promotional Presentation #3 – After Coffee, Comes Life

Combine crafts from #2 and #4 for this creative idea. Take a chic, promotional ceramic mug, and an indoor plant such as a succulent or cactus and create a one-of-a-kind desk plant. The great thing about succulents and cacti are the controlled growth pattern prevents an overwhelming leaf and flowering structure, making them perfect for small spaces. One of our favorite productions of this pinspiring presentation are the cheeky phrases on the mugs. Use a phrase that represents your brand in a fun, light-hearted way. Perhaps it’s a clever use of your business’ name, or a saying customers and employees will know represents your organization.

Pinspiring Promotional Presentation #4 – A Breath of Fresh Air

If you’re like so many others, bringing life to an office space is a welcome treat. Indoor plants encourage healthy indoor air, and they also bring life and color to any space. Another great thing about this gift, it doesn’t require much work on your end to make it crafty. So, if time is against you, or the fear of a #pinterestfail prevents you from trying out the other Pinspiring ideas, this option is a sure winner.

Looking for more ideas that are ready-to-go Pinspiring Promotional Presentation Style gifts?

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