Nearly every weekend in the summer I spend outside promoting my startup company.

The reason is usually a pet fair, charity dog walk or beer festival. Activities like these tend to draw the Beer Paws target customer base: dog lovers who also enjoy beer.

The weather is usually hot and sometimes windy at these fairs and festivals, where dozens of vendors set up on sidewalks or in a parking lot. Dogs pant, and so do the people.

However, the potential for discomfort at outdoor events presents an opportunity for businesses to gain favor and mindshare in the eyes of attendees.

To do this, you need to do more than just commiserate about the temperature with the people who wander into your exhibit. Think about ways in which you can creatively enhance the overall experience for the people attending the event.

If you have a display at the event, this could mean setting up in a way that provides relief from the heat.

If electricity is available, plug in a fan, and offer cold water, personal misters or even hand fans to people who come see you.

Of course, be sure your logo appears on any items you give away or sell.

If it’s even close to being a scorcher outside, people will line up and practically beg to sign up for your mailing list in exchange for something that will make their day more comfortable. Then, they’ll tell everyone they meet where they got the amazing item.

Sponsors of summer events who don’t have a physical presence can use the same tactic if providing items in bags for attendees.

Give things that will keep people refreshed, comfortable and safe throughout the day. Sunscreen, sports bottles and first aid kits are all great options. Package them with a card and instructions for sharing photos from the day on your brand’s social media pages.

And always have a bowl of water available at any dog-friendly event!