Predetermined products make brand impressions easy.

The benefits of promotional products when it comes to brand exposure are well-documented. And now, thanks to Staples Promotional Products, making a big impression is a lot easier. Predetermined products take the stress out of promotions – so you get lots of exposure with minimal hassle.

The Challenge

A regional gym and health facility with 17 locations throughout the northeast wanted to generate exposure by offering a variety of branded merchandise. The client generally ordered a dozen different items quarterly, including t-shirts, sports bottles, keychains and drawstring bags.

These items were then divided up between each facility, but each location had its own preference on products. The client was looking to simplify this entire process and give each location the product selection that worked best for it.

The Solution

Staples worked with the client to simplify the ordering process and allow each location to choose the products they preferred, in the number they wanted. This was accomplished by building a website specifically for the client, which allowed location managers or whoever was responsible for product ordering to view, select and order the right products for them.

Each product showed the logo, so when they ordered, they knew exactly what to expect in terms of size, color and location of the logo.

The Result

Thanks to an easy and intuitive ordering process, the customer got their order in on time. By getting the products they wanted, they were able to generate the kind of impression they were seeking with their members and potential clients.

Online ordering also saved the client a lot of time. They saved easily a week versus running around and manually collecting the orders from each location’s respective General Manager.  And in the gym business, like everything else, saved time is saved money.

Overall, the client was thrilled with the flexibility and results of using a predetermined selection of products. It allowed their locations to strategically order exactly what made the most sense for them. Staples made it easy for them, just like we can make it easy for you.

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