Print and promotional products help you make a big impression.

Picture yourself at an industry tradeshow. On the floor of the massive convention center there are hundreds of booths, dozens of which are direct competitors of yours. In the precious few hours you have, how do you stand out from everyone else? What’s more, how do you make them remember you after the show is over?

Unless it transforms into a racecar, your business card alone isn’t going to do the trick. You need to make an immediate and lasting impression. If only there was some combined way of doing that….

Oh wait!

Staples offers Print and Marketing Services that do just that.

It’s a fairly simple concept, how print and promo work together to make a big impression for your business – print draws them in through banners, flyers, brochures and signs. Then useful promotional products keep you in the front of their mind and generate tons of impressions.

And it’s not just for tradeshows.

Whatever line of work you’re in, you need some kind of signage. Realtors need yard signs. Restaurants need banners advertising specials or grand openings. Everyone can use flyers or direct mailers. Print substrates are a popular form of marketing for one reason: they work.

So does promo.

Promotional products are dollar-for-dollar the most cost effective form of marketing per impression. Something like an umbrella, for example, will generate over 1000 brand impressions in its lifetime. That’s a lot of eyes on your brand.

Print and promo work great separately, but are unstoppable combined.

Like a marketing Voltron, print and promo work together to create powerful impressions on your target clients. Strong separately, when joined together, they’re greater than the sum of their parts. And for someone looking to grow their business, this is something you can’t afford to overlook. Harness their power for yourself. Staples can help.