Trends in product photography.

You have a great product. It’s unique and useful, and everyone could really benefit from it. It will practically sell itself, if you can get the word out. So you use all the usual channel – catalogs, mailers and the web.  But there’s one little problem: the image you’re using isn’t exactly compelling. How do you jazz it up and make it look as exciting as your product really is? Here’s a look at what’s trending in product photography and how you can use it for maximum impact.

Technology has changed how photography works.

Thanks to camera phones and apps like Instagram, everyone is an amateur photographer these days. Filters are commonplace, each adding a specific feel.  Product photography is mimicking this and companies on the cutting edge are using filters, highlights and shadows to create modern product images with that cool retro feel.

Patterns are in.

Patterns have always been a part of some industries. They’ve seen their popularity wane and wax over the years, but recently they’ve come back in a very big way. A reaction to the minimalism that was all the rage a few years ago, patterned backgrounds create a pop of life and energy to your product shots.

Rebellion is the new norm.

As being a cool outsider becomes something more brands strive to be, photography trends are creating product shots that are more outrageous. Often with a sharp sense of humor or bold design, it seeks to grab and hold the eye and attention of the viewer.

Challenging perspectives beats traditional composition.

Straight on shots are boring and passé. Instead, cutting edge product photographers are changing the angle and looking for a new point of view. They’re seeking to uniquely capture products in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and novel.

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