Choosing the best branded merchandise for your industry.

Every industry is different. And what works in one, might not work in another. This is true is nearly every aspect, including marketing and promotional products. Do you know what’s best for your needs?

Let’s take a look at some of the best products in specific industries.


Healthcare is all about creating positive patient experiences. Show off your expertise with items that reinforce your values.

Scrubs – Scrubs are synonymous with healthcare. Have your logo embroidered on the clothes your staff wears every day. The consistency and professionalism is reassuring to patients.

Lanyards – Nearly every hospital or clinic requires its employees to wear badges. Remind visitors where they are with lanyards bearing your name.

Hand sanitizer – Encourage good health at home and cleanliness in the clinic with bottles of hand sanitizer featuring your brand.


Help everyone show off their school spirit or raise funds with items branded with your school’s name and logo.

Pens – Even in this digital age, pens always come in handy. Order them by the gross to sell to students who’ve forgotten theirs.

Sweatshirts – Cheer on your football or wrestling team, or just show off your pride with a custom sweatshirt. Go team!

Water bottles – Staying hydrated has never been so cool. Keep everyone healthy and happy with logoed water bottles.


Ball caps – Hardworking employees need something to keep the sun out of their eyes, or cover up hardhat hair after a long day. Ball caps are the perfect way to show appreciation and increase loyalty.

Flashlights – Most people never seem to have a light when they need it most. Give out flashlights with your logo to friends, clients and business partners.

Tape measures – If things don’t match up, construction goes poorly. Subtly associate your company with accuracy and quality with a branded tape measure.

This article is part of a series titled Promo Buyer 101. This series is perfect for anyone who is just starting to buy promotional products for their organization, or is a veteran buyer but is looking for tips and ideas for branded merchandise needs. Check out the other articles in the series and be sure to share with your colleagues.