Promo for a cause lets you promote your brand and do good at the same time.

You care about others. You want to help the needy and do your best to make sure that you leave the world a little better off than you found it. And why wouldn’t you? This sense of compassion and societal well-being is an important part of being human. It’s what has allowed us to come this far as a species.

So why not use your business to help people in need? Promo for a cause lets you promote your business and help people at the same time.

Let’s look a little closer. What does “promo for a cause” mean? Just what you might think – it’s promotional products that support a good cause, items that are manufactured in a socially responsible, ethical manner. They often directly support and empower people in need both in the U.S. and abroad.

Whatever you’re looking for, there are options available that will showcase your brand in the latest styles and trends.


Flip flops, scarves and bangles look great and are the height of style. Combat Flip Flops offers all three made by at-risk people in some of the world’s most dangerous places. Their sturdy flip flops are made with spent bullet casings in Colombia. Their hip scarves are made by women in Afghanistan, and beautiful and striking bangles are made from old bombs in Laos. With a mission of “business instead of bullets,” they offer incredible style and empowerment.


Take a look around your local farmers market. There’s a good chance a lot of the people are carrying reusable bags like those offered by FEED. But more than just reducing waste, proceeds from FEED’s bags go directly to feeding hungry people in the US and abroad. They also offer a variety of shirts, bracelets and scarves, sales of which help fill the stomachs of people who might otherwise go hungry. And they look great with your logo emblazoned on them.


There’s nothing like sturdy, quality products that last. Helping Hand Partners along with WORK+SHELTER provide ethically sourced products that empower women in India. By providing them with a fair wage, stable employment and social services, WORK+SHELTER drives positive change through job creation. Each product provides income, dignity and hope to the artisans and their families

Whatever message you want to send about your brand, promo for a cause products can help you do it and make a difference in the world.