Take a look at the calendar. This year is really flying!

It will soon be time – or maybe it already is in your industry – to start planning for next year’s marketing efforts.

What if you could come up with one promotion that would keep your brand in front of your target audience every single day next year?

Of course, you would jump on that opportunity, right? Well, it’s time to start thinking about one of the most classic advertising specialty items.

Promotional calendars are distributed by all kinds of businesses as a thoughtful gift at year’s end to customers and employees. Whether it hangs on the wall or sits on a desk, changes by the month, day or week, a traditional calendar is an effective marketing tool. And it’s a gift that reaches more than just the recipient. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s annual study on the effectiveness of promotional products, 76% of consumers who own a branded calendar display it prominently in their home or office.

Because of their unique function, calendars become part of your customer or employee’s everyday life for at least 12 months.

Even now, when many people live their lives by their digital calendars, relying on alarms to to alert them to meetings, deadlines and important dates, physical calendars remain popular.

Women are a little more likely to have a calendar than men, according to ASI. Although baby boomers like calendars a little more than the rest of us, more than a quarter of consumers surveyed at any age report owning a promotional calendar.

I, personally, have three wall calendars in my work space. Most of my colleagues have at least one, too. Almost all of our calendars also promote a brand or cause.

I’m even considering developing a special calendar to sell later this year through my company Beer Paws.

What better way to stay in front of my customers all  year long?