Measuring Your Promotional Products Success Throughout the Customer Journey

Measuring marketing initiatives isn’t always black and white. It requires quite a bit of interpretation, and they usually take several steps before lining up with actual sales dollars. This isn’t always quickly accepted by organization leaders who are looking for results driven initiatives, making it even more burdensome to you to prove why the strategies suggested at the beginning of the year are the right ones, and how you can prove it without showing sales. So the question you may be thinking as you put together your marketing plans is, “how do I line up promotional products to the customer journey, and how can I show they are driving objectives.”

Creating Brand Awareness with Promotional Products

One of the most common ways to measure the success of promotional products is through brand awareness. But unlike tracking a unique 800#, or increasing traffic to your website, how do you show that promotional items generated brand awareness?

Reaching the Consideration Phase of Your Customers with Promotional Products

Promotional products are an obvious player when it comes to awareness and loyalty, but do they play in the field of consideration? It’s much more difficult to tell, and you’ll need to rely on the insight your sales and customer facing representatives can provide to you.

  • Are your prospects and customers using the promotional items you gave them?
    • This seems like an odd, and likely awkward, conversation to have with a prospect or customer. But it can clarify how they feel about your business – and your promotional product collections. Did they find the items you gave them to be useful, do they like the items’ design and style? Did the item feel like an extension of your brand, and therefore helped them to recall what they liked about you?
  • If you gave one person a shareable promotional product – did they share it?
    • Did the office like the treats you sent their way? (Can you ensure you reach more by taking note of any special health considerations?) Did their decision makers feel like the promotional items were a nice touch to showcasing your customer service model? If they didn’t share, were they concerned that it would come across wrong? Or can you send an individual items if they felt the promotional product just wasn’t’ shareable (or even if they just wanted to keep the chocolates to themselves)?

Becoming a Deciding Factor with Promotional Products

Promotional products come in all shapes and forms, even down to experiences. Perhaps there’s something about your promotional products that crosses you over from being a contender, to being the leading choice. Think of ways to create a custom experience with your sales rep, your brand and your customer. Or develop products that are promotional in nature, but exhibit your brand’s purpose in a tangible, fun way.

Work with your sales team to develop a killer approach that will help you stand out from the competition.

Develop a Loyal Fan from Your Promotional Products

Once you’ve established a relationship with your customer, the opportunity to create loyalty is never ending. From sending thank you and appreciation gifts, to sharing items that keep your organization top of mind all year long. You don’t want to lose any headway you gained during the buying cycle. Think of creating a unique customer appreciation kit, and find ways to enhance it and build on it throughout the year. And just consider this one more touchpoint in your marketing initiatives.

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