We have been stricken with devastating news far too often in recent months (and even years). But rather than focusing on what’s wrong, what’s not working, we think there are times we need to focus on what does work. And that is, time and again, the support of a community rallying together to lift people up, to bring people back together, to help recoup after a tragedy. These people include everyday citizens, civic workers, leaders throughout the community, and many times children (unbeknownst to them).

There are so many teams responsible for the safety of a community, including law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, security professionals, military members and more. The opportunity to provide thoughtful gifts to these crucial members of your area is a great one.

Too often their care is given during a time of emergency and stress, and the appreciation gets lost or downplayed in the shuffle. While ensuring the teams of your local business’ or family members are safe if they are impacted by these crises is everyone’s first priority, creating a way to show their appreciation for the emergency responders is crucial.

Make it easier for community members to follow up afterward and show their gratitude

As part of your local website, consider hosting a “show your appreciation” section. This could open to a microsite and feature suggestions and ideas to community members on things they can do to express their gratitude towards a civic worker who went above and beyond in their care. Be sure to include information about the teams that support the community here, this helps to bring a face to the countless people responsible for the upkeep of the community day in and day out.

Even a warm thanks can go a long way

Lead by example in your community. If your area is impacted by a large crisis, after the response has been managed, consider ways to feature your gratitude as civic leaders towards your community members and civic workers. Stream video onto your site and social platforms where leadership and citizens can share messages of thanks, include slide shows of the heroes and letters from elected officials thanking everyone for their hard work.

Make it social

The above will only work if community members know its there. Take your opportunities to social media and local news outlets and spread the word. Provide press releases to your newspapers and news channels to show that your community is banding together after these events, thanks to the members who pitched in when times were tough. And tell the story of how your community is showing their deep felt appreciation. This press will not only open the door for more citizens to give their civic worker appreciation, it will give other communities nearby the chance to see what a difference a heartfelt thanks can make on a person’s day.

Civic Worker Appreciation Holidays

The chance to say thank you isn’t limited to appreciation days. But these days are certainly helpful to create a large focus and thank a wide group of professionals working to care for your community.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, January 9, 2018

Firefighters Day, May 4, 2018

EMT, May 20-26, 2018 (as a part of National Hospital Week)

Nurses Week, May 6-12, 2018

Armed Forces Day May 3, 2018

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