A purposeful marketing effort your customers will love

Many people don’t like being marketed to nonstop, although as marketers, we tend to think if we stopped our efforts, we’d hear a lot more complaints, but we digress. While overwhelming advertisements can cause unease with your brand and your customers, some marketing efforts are so subtle (and still effective), that people actually appreciate and seek them out. They are purposeful marketing, useful, appreciated. Like promotional products. Check out these top 3 reasons for people’s love of a good promo item.

1. They’re Useful

The great thing about a lot of promotional products is their usefulness. From a professional sweater perfect for layering, to a water bottle that can handle hot or cold beverages, be used in the office or on the go and beyond. People find many uses for most of their promotional items.

2. They Mean Something

When given as a thank you or performance reward, recipients have even more reason to appreciate the promo product. They can reflect on the reason behind receiving the item with pride and appreciation. And when picked carefully, it is something they are likely to keep long term.

3. It’s About Them.

One of the key aspects of picking a long-lasting, well-used promotional product is thinking with the recipient in mind. Sometimes it’s the little things that count, and to attract a big crowd at a trade show those items are imperative. But they should also align with your business model and be an extension of your brand’s story. Other times they are unique and focused on a specific person. They are personal and a memento more than a giveaway. In both of these cases, when picked right the branded merchandise is about the person receiving the item more than about marketing to them.